Ghost Hunts at The Schooner Hotel



As the Bard said, “Better three hours too soon than a minute too late.” The reality is, you don’t want to miss the opportunity to haunt the spirits and nothing is better than hunting with a pack! But only twenty people can join in one hunt! So don’t wait up to book your space!

Are You Fit To Be a Ghost Hunter?

As long as you are over eighteen years old and can afford the payment, you’re good enough!

Dealing with spooks!

Ghosts are not mortal and free from bindings like money. But ghost hunters are not! To experience the spooky phenomena, a little earthy sacrifice of currency is needed!

If you feel like booking a room and staying at night, the fare starts from £59.00 for each person per night.

And if you’re only interested in ghost tour and investigation, the tickets are only £25.00.

Shout-out to The Experts!

The ghost investigation tours are conducted by Spooky nightz. Who lead the group of twenty eager ghost hunters to the ultimate experience of ghost sighting!

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