Dining at The Schooner Hotel


You may wonder, does the spooky reputation and old history have any impact on the foods being served here. We cannot blame you, but unlike the notorious figures of the past who stayed here and turned this hotel into home for spirits of the lost, the dining service is rather enjoyable.

Light on your wallet

Our meals are quite budget friendly and tasteful. We serve only the best traditional British cuisines, prepared from fresh ingredients at the most affordable price. At the same time, we also offer vegetarian dishes- that are equally great in taste at the same time easy on your stomach. We also offer children’s menu, so you don’t have to worry about the spooks in your kid’s stomach and focus on the ghosts outside!

Sunday Funday!

Along with the regular traditional British dishes and vegetable dishes, we celebrate Sundays with delicious roasts and trimmings. Once the ambrosia of Sunday meals hit your taste buds, there is no going back.

Canine Divine

We love man’s best friend, the trusted canine companions living with us. Yes, we care for your dog whether it’s a tiny poodle lapdog or a giant Sheppard. You can leave the worries regarding your companion’s stomach to us.

The Fun Never Stops

Whether it’s sweet summer days or chilly winter ones, Schooner Hotel always has something to offer. You can drench yourself in the sweet sunlight of summer days, skimming your horror fiction sitting in Beer Garden. Or you can curl up with your favorite drink at a chilly winter night in either of our bars.

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